HIPAA-compliant technology is the key to cell phone video

telmedx is a HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant telemedicine platform that provides live medicalgrade video and high-resolution remote image capture from a patient's cell phone.

Our secure and HIPAA-certified server does not allow patients, clinicians or anyone to watch the video from within the server - it can only be seen on the clinician's computer connected to the patient. We can authenticate which computers had a transmission with which cell phone on a certain day at a certain time, over a certain period of time, but the video and images cannot be seen by third parties.

Our technology responds to medical requirements and easily integrates into existing hospital and clinic practices because no new hardware, devices, phone systems or other equipment is needed - only Internet access with any browser on a computer or tablet is required.



2012 IT/ID Venture
Roundtable Winner

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